Sosyal Sorumluluk

Reducing Garbage via sharing stuffs by using technological systems

Who we are?

First of all, we are members of robin hoods who are Cenk Ünlü, Doğan Deniz Lafcıoğlu, Güven Şeker, Onur Babalıklı and Yücel Karaman from Software Engineering. Who basically achieve to be helpful and useful for society uniquely and orginal.We decided to use our knowledge, which gained from department of software engineering in University Of Economics, in a solution based project. In addition to this idea, we decided to use our software engineering skills to solve specific problem which has a big impact on the society should be taken into a serious consideration.

What is the problem?

Problems can be defined as;

  • People who has extra stuff which is not used anymore, can not find aidless people to donate
  • Aidless people can not buy stuffs which they need or can not find anybody donates for them
  • People who is not aidless or not, are wasting their extra stuffs.

Solutions can be;

  • To find aidless people for stuffs which is not used or not needed anymore in our system
  • To find stuffs in our system pool which needed by people but can not be affort
  • To give our stuffs, to people who needs, instead of throwing to garbage